Why Livingstone's Africa?

The intrepid David Livingstone came to Africa as a Missionary set on converting the savages. He eventualy returned to Europe, but his heart stayed behind in Africa.

Together with the passionate team taking care of Livingstone's Africa, we envision our clients doing the same. All of us are passionate about Tanzania, the wildlife and the people, not about numbers. Hence, we cater for small groups of up to 12 people only, offering a personal experience where each client's individual needs are taken into consideration.

Safaris are undertaken to all the parks in Tanzania in extremely comfortable and very well maintained Safari vehicles in the company of guides that are bursting with knowledge and the traditional Tanzanian hospitality. Our packages are constructed around the specific needs of our clients i.e., Budget, Duration and Sense of Adventure.

We are happy to discuss the pressures facing the national parks in Africa. Our head guide Kaanaeli, Ndeoya Kanuya is of Maasai descent and can share an interesting experience of growing up in a nomadic Maasai family.


To guide in the national parks all operators must operate under a Tourist Agents Licence (TALA). We are a fully fledged registered Tour Operator, TALA License Number 01718, Tanzania Revenue Authority Number 115-007-688, Corporation Number 85381.

Staff profiles

Kaanaeli and Ely Kanuya
Kaanaeli Ndeoya and Ely Kanuya
Managing Director (Tour Operations)

Hello, my name is Kaanaeli Ndeoya Kanuya this is a picture of my ... click for more

Mzee Elirehema Nnko
Director (Local Market Activities)
Jurie van Riel
Jurie van Riel
Director (Consultation & Procurement)

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Nadine van Riel
Nadine van Riel
Director (Fresh Produce & Catering)

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